About us



LIVEHARD apparel was established with the goal of designing a brand that would speak boldly about the lifestyle that we choose to live. Motivated by the creative spirit, a new kind of style was born. The LIVEHARD brand is a unique blend of fashion, fitness, art and motion. It provides a distinctive, yet clean style to the fashion conscious, active individual. 

From the beginning, we have taken great pride in the LIVEHARD line of apparel as we have introduced it into the explosive world of fitness apparel. Our goal is to bring inspiration to all as our line means more than just selling shirts. We want our friends, family, and members of the fitness and motor sports communities to wear our apparel with pride knowing they are among an elite group, living the LIVEHARD lifestyle. 

And always, we thank you for your loyalty and support of the LIVEHARD brand. We hope that you continue to walk the path of the brand and push yourself, every day, in every aspect of your life.

LIVEHARD Apparel Marietta GA